Mike & Scott’s Unnamed University Programs Update - January Edition

Episode 22 · January 18th, 2022 · 9 mins 13 secs

About this Episode

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In this Episode:
Affiliations 0:44
Collegiate Competitions 1:22
Mobile Apps 1:53
Podcasts 2:50
Learning Labs 3:06
Learn Twice 3:44
Virtual Presentations 4:14
Baja Engine Testing 4:50
Upcoming Deadlines 5:24
Spectators/Team Size Limits 5:54
Formula SAE in Texas 6:26
Tesla Formula SAE Battery Sponsorship 7:04
Sponsor Portal 7:44

Watch the video version of this episode at https://youtu.be/cT_2T8zjx2k

Flight Plans: The SAE Aero Design Podcast https://aerodesign.fireside.fm/ Formula SAE FastCast https://formulasae.fireside.fm/
Shop Talk: The Baja SAE Podcast https://bajasae.fireside.fm/
Going The Distance: The SAE Supermileage Podcast https://supermileage.fireside.fm/
Keeping it Clean: The SAE Clean Snowmobile Challenge Podcast https://snowmobile.fireside.fm/

*Learn Twice